Sunday, October 16, 2016

Divorce: What I Learned From What Was "None of My Business"

I am going to cover a topic I don't usually cover today: divorce. I typically try to stay on the topic of worship and more abstract theological things with the occasional satire. Given the amount of posts I've been seeing on the topic I think I need put this out there.

Having never been through a divorce myself, it may seem like I have nothing to add to the topic, but there are things that you learn watching a loved one go through it. This is not an attempt to forge a biblical defense of either side of the topic, but just my experience with a family member's divorce, and some of the things the helped me come to terms with it. If you want a complete defense of the topic, please head to my sister's blog, Misdirected Musings.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Who Am I To Judge?

It happened again. Someone dared to insult the psuedo-deification of contemporary worship culture. This time it was with a satirical video produced to highlight the lack of, and even condemnation of, serious thought concerning what we do and say in corporate worship settings. This has brought out all of the typical players. The ones who simply laugh and go on with life, those that want to criticize the video for not being funny enough, those that want to condemn the makers of the video for so callously criticizing the sincerity of others. Then you have those like me who saw the video and really just wanted to cry because we felt it was so spot on portraying how we often feel in many worship settings. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Concise Church History (According to the SBC)

Growing up in a Baptist church you get to learn many things. Two of the biggest and most important are these: Jesus is Lord and Catholics are wrong. It does not matter which Catholic or which topic, they are wrong. They always have been, and they always will be. I am pretty sure that some of the people in the church I grew up in would tell you that it is better for you to be an atheist than to be a Catholic. As you may imagine, this left a lot of very large holes in my understanding of Church history.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

While We Were Talking About Relevance...

The Church cannot survive if we keep chasing relevance. We have to stop trying to take our cues from culture and start following Jesus. We have been called to be set apart, and the more keep looking to culture for the our next move, the less we behave like God's people. If we allow ourselves to become conformed to the image of this world, we will become impotent, stagnant, and irrelevant. Wait, what?

Thursday, May 7, 2015

What In Jesus' Name Are You Saying?

One of the most confusing things we have done to our image of God is to call the USA a Christian nation. "Why?" you may ask.  Not having a king gives us no concept of what it means to stand before a person who is so powerful that they can be bound only by their own honor. Let me clarify a little. When we claim that the USA is a Christian nation, the underlying assumption is that its governmental structure is representative of how God governs the universe.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Jesus Walks Into The Bar...

Jesus walks into the bar... 

Don't stop me if you've heard this one. I love to tell it. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

5 (More) Things to Stop Saying to Worship Leaders

This is a follow up to a blog entitled "Five Things To Stop Saying To Worship Leaders". These two posts will hopefully be able to help with a couple of things. First, I would like to give some encouragement to my fellow worship leaders out there who are working hard to follow the Lord's call in their lives. It can be difficult when you feel like no one really understands what it is you are trying to do. Second, I want to let my friends that do not lead worship see some of these things from the perspective of a worship leader. Hopefully I can communicate some things to help everyone understand one another a little better.